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Encourage Good Dental Health with 3 Tips from Our Charlotte NC Pediatric Dentist

The next generation of children is facing several challenges when it comes to their oral health. Our local pediatric dentist reports learning about the best ways of caring for their teeth is a part of dental care that must be taught by parents and dental professionals. Helping children understand the impact of good oral health on their teeth is important in not adding to the more than 50 million hours of school time lost each year to dental appointments.

Be an Active Brushing Partner

Children love to mimic the actions of their parents and brushing can be helped by parents being active. A kids dentist near me will explain a parent brushing and flossing alongside their child will influence their future actions. Brushing with their own toothbrush is the first step towards understanding the need for good oral health, with a parent helping the child to floss adding to the skills learned.

Allow Children to Choose Their own Toothbrush

Taking ownership of oral health is one of the skills every child needs to learn when they are young. One of the ways a parent can help their children to learn to take responsibility for their oral health is to allow them to choose their own toothbrush and floss. Our Charlotte NC pediatric dentist will work with parents and their children to make sure everybody understands the requirements for maintaining good oral health.

Reward Good Habits

Whether it is giving a gold star for good dental habits or giving a prize for brushing over several days, rewards are a good option. Our local pediatric dentist explains children respond to rewards and praise from their parents.

Search for a kids dentist near me to make an appointment to discuss how to engage your child in their oral health.