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Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Shares 4 Ways to Remove Baby Teeth

Losing a tooth is an exciting time in a kid’s life. However, when this experience is accompanied by pools of blood and immense pain, it can traumatize them. As a trusted pediatric dentist in Charlotte, we recommend taking the following steps and precautions to ensure that the removal of baby teeth goes smoothly.

Wiggle It Loose

Using an appropriate amount of pressure and tugging, you can wiggle a loose tooth out with ease. Have your kid start the process so that they feel more comfortable when you take over. If the tooth is particularly stubborn, it’s not ready to come out yet.

Numb The Gums

For your child’s peace of mind, consider numbing their gums. The process will be relatively painless, but this added preventative measure will provide them with much-needed comfort. An oral numbing cream or ice will do the trick. With their nerves subsided, it’ll be easier to remove the tooth.

Use Rubber Gloves

Your child’s tooth will likely be coated with saliva, making it seemingly impossible to get a good grip. Rubber gloves will promote a firmer grip, and you won’t be left with spit-covered fingers. Just be sure that the gloves are clean before sticking them into your kid’s mouth.

Let Your Kid Decide Who Pulls

It’s essential for your kid to trust the person in charge. If they don’t feel comfortable with you pulling their tooth, don’t take it personally. When your kid is in control of the situation, they’re more likely to respond without fear.

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