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At our pediatric dental practice, we believe our role is to help our patients and their families create an excellent oral health routine they can take into adulthood. However, every so often, we find there is a problem that requires tooth extractions to take place. We understand this can be a nervous and difficult time for children, young people, and their families so we try to put you at ease at all times when you look for the help of a kids dentist near me.

Why is a Tooth Removed?

For most of our patients looking to our Charlotte NC pediatric dentist, the need for a tooth to be extracted is not a common issue. However, in some cases, the need for a tooth to be removed is unavoidable and is caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • A tooth has decayed to such an extent is cannot be repaired
  • A tooth is removed to allow orthodontic work to begin
  • Permanent teeth are coming in and a baby tooth is not being pushed out of its position
  • A tooth has been broken or chipped and cannot be repaired

Types of Tooth Extractions

A kids dentist near me will usually have the ability to remove a tooth in a simple and effective way. This can mean your child is given a local anesthetic before certain tools are used to loosen a tooth before we gently extract it.

In some cases, the tooth is difficult to extract or has grown in a difficult way leaving it impacted in the jawbone. These teeth can be removed using a number of techniques, including our dentists using IV sedation to limit any pain during the procedure by our Charlotte NC pediatric dentist. Contact us today if you think you need a tooth extraction procedure.