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No worries: Panoramic Dental Imaging Is Cool… Not Scary

Without doubt, achieving optimum children’s dental health is essential to any child. In fact, we understand panoramic dental imaging can be scary to any parent or legal guardian who is unfamiliar with the latest technology in dentistry.

How does it works?

Using the technology, a pediatric dentist or a dental assistant scans your child’s entire mouth, including the lower and upper jaws, in one image. In essence, panoramic dental imaging is primarily used during a child’s first visit or new patient dental exam to ensure minimum discomfort.

Finding a trusted pediatric dentist:

Finding a local pediatric dentist, who would like to help your child if she or he can, is paramount to your child’s care and comfort.

On the professional service we offer, we not only pride ourselves… we also pay attention to your child’s needs.

Our top priority is meeting the many needs of your child’s oral health care: From the scheduling of his or her first appointment to your child’s new patient dental exam provided by a local pediatric dentist, each member of our family-oriented practice is committed and dedicated to providing the best oral health solutions for your child.

Because we respect your efforts to provide your child with the best dental care, contact us to schedule a new patient dental exam.