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What is a Fluoride Treatment?

Why should you be concerned about the level of fluoride your family are taking into their bodies at any time? The answer is that fluoride is a vital part of growing strong, healthy teeth, according to our children’s dentist. Fluoride is a mineral occurring naturally in the environment that has been added to the water supply of most areas of the world for the last half-century.

A fluoride treatment is used by our pediatric dentist when they feel a child needs some assistance with the development of strong, healthy teeth. A varnish is applied to the teeth from a young age that is removed hours later using general brushing. This treatment can be reapplied by our children’s dentist between two and four times each year depending on the needs of your child.

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Our pediatric dentist understands you may have some concerns about using a fluoride treatment, but the benefits of fluoride have been known about for many decades. By adding extra fluoride to the teeth of a child, our dentist is ensuring they have strong enamel which is needed to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Tooth enamel is a vital part of maintaining strong, hard teeth meaning your child will be able to grow with string, powerful teeth to be proud of.

Contact our pediatric dentist today to schedule an appointment for more information about our fluoride treatment plans to keep your children’s teeth healthy and vibrant!