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Emergency Dental Care That You Can Trust

Dental pain ranks among the most sensitive issues in our lives. When under tooth distress or experiencing severe aches, it is difficult to concentrate on your daily routine. Fortunately, our Charlotte pediatric dentist has a remedy for you. We are devoted to offering any emergency oral care through our experienced dentists.

What Is Your Dental Emergency?

Emergencies are impossible to predict. You may wake up to realize a significant amount of toothache, prompting you to seek dental care. Usually, getting an appointment at your local emergency dentistry clinic may take a few days, but our pediatric dentist is just a call away.

Why you may need emergency dental care
Here are some of the symptoms that you should observe to request for our emergency dental care.

1. Fractured Tooth
Your teeth may become weak over the years as an effect of wear and tear. The impact may get severe, causing your tooth to crack, with significant pain. In most cases, cracks are the primary causes of toothache, and the only way to detect such is through an X-ray.

2. Trauma
Children may lose or injure their teeth from the impact of an accident, which can cause significant pain. You may need to find the services of an emergency dentist for kids in such situations. Our emergency dentistry clinic will help take away your kid’s agony, even if the condition calls for tooth replacement.

If you are going through any pain related to your teeth, reach out to us now and get the best emergency care. We have a history of excellence, serving patients from the Charlotte region who are in distress, requiring emergency attention. Hickory Grove Pediatric Dentistry has the best emergency dentist for kids.