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While raising children, you are likely to observe some teeth issues in them. These issues may include thumb-sucking, and in some cases, teeth-grinding. However, teeth-grinding might not cause damage to your child’s teeth. Nevertheless, if it persists, it might result in headaches, toothaches, or jaw pain. Therefore, you might be wondering how to stop teeth grinding for kids, and we are here to help.

Dental Mouth Guards for Kids

You might notice that your child grinds their teeth in their sleep. Getting a dental mouth guard for kids would be the best cause of action in such a situation. Although they are readily available over the counter, it would be best to bring your child to us. Not only do we offer custom dental mouth guards for kids, but we shall also fit them comfortably in your kid.

Among other things, your child’s mouth guard should:

  • Not interrupt with normal breathing
  • Be comfortable and a bit snug
  • Be odorless and tasteless
  • Be thick enough to shield your kid against impact

What Takes Place in Our Pediatric Dentist Office

Before giving your child a new mouth guard, our dentist will take X-rays of their teeth. The X-rays come in handy and crafting a comfortable mouth guard. Besides, the dentist will give you care instructions on how to take care of the dental mouth guard for kids. These instructions include:

  • Carrying the mouth guard in a container with vents
  • Rinsing it before use
  • Brushing it gently with a non-abrasive toothpaste after each use
  • Occasionally clean it with warm soapy water

Our dentist will be delighted shall tell you all you need to know about how to stop teeth grinding for kids. Please schedule an appointment with us today.