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6 Top Reasons to See Our Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Twice a Year

Visiting our local Charlotte pediatric dentist for cleanings twice a year is important for healthy teeth and gums. There is also increasing evidence that having a regular teeth cleaning can provide overall health benefits. The following are 6 reasons to see our local pediatric dentist twice a year.

1. Dental Health Affects Your Kids’ Overall Health
Studies are showing that healthy teeth and gums can affect respiratory, circulatory, and even heart health. Good dental care can reduce inflammation causing bacteria that accumulates in the body.

2. Cleanings Remove Plaque and Tartar
Plaque is a sticky layer that consists of bacteria and it grows quickly if left uncleaned. If it isn’t removed on a regular basis it can become tartar. Plaque and tartar on your teeth will eventually lead to a variety of oral diseases, or worse, as your mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.

3. Receive Professional Advice
Our pediatric dentist in East Charlotte can give recommendations on everything from how to prevent bad breath to ways to whiten your teeth. Getting advice from a professional with years of expertise and experience is one of the benefits of regular teeth cleaning and pediatric dentist office visits.

4. Detected Cavities Early
Visiting our local Charlotte pediatric dentist office twice a year will mean that cavities will likely get spotted much earlier than if you went less frequently. The earlier cavities are detected, the easier the treatment will be. Dentists will sometimes take x-rays of the mouth which will also spot problems before they can become severe.

5. Save Some Money
Finding and treating dental problems as early as possible means the treatment will probably not be as extensive or expensive for your kids. An example would be finding a cavity early on and getting scheduled for a filling. Filling a small cavity will obviously be less expensive than a larger cavity or even a procedure such as a root canal would be later on. Dental sealants are also a popular route pediatric dentists take to help secure teeth to prevent cavities.

6. Could Safe a Life
Most pediatric dentists check for signs of oral cancer during a routine visit and our Charlotte dentist for kids is no different. A trip to our local dentist office may just provide early detection for other potentially severe health problems besides those related to teeth and gums.

Keeping your kids’ teeth as clean and healthy as possible will make sure they have a long life with a beautiful smile and avoid dental emergencies while building good dental hygiene habits for the rest of their life. Contact our Charlotte pediatric dentist office today to schedule an appointment. There are so many potential benefits that it only makes sense to keep up with regular dental visits.